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Graeme and Judy

We have known Paula for over five years and during that time we have built two new houses and she has been our guiding light for both projects. She has been very easy to work with and made the whole process an enjoyable one. Our expertise in the area of Colour and Design is minimal,  and our builder was instrumental in introducing us to Paula, initially to design our new kitchen and help us with the colour co-ordination of the complete house.


Over that first project, Paula came up with some amazing design ideas, and we were very impressed. She was able to provide us with contact with supplers that we probably wouldn’t have had access to under normal circumstances and this in turn saved us a lot, in time otherwise spent searching. Also any savings cost wise were readily passed on to us.


Since the first project, Paula has now formed her own Design Company and we dealt with her completely on our latest house that we have recently moved into. Again it has been another most enjoyable project and Paula once more has demonstrated her excellent design skills.


When deciding to upgrade and renovate your kitchen you want somebody who is going to fill a number of roles and requirements.  Paula is such a person.  


We had a number of ideas of how we wanted our kitchen to look, how we would like it to function and what we wanted to change.  


Paula's extensive design experience, her knowledge of products and materials and her excellent communication skills meant that our new kitchen has everything we wished for and a whole lot more.  


She introduced new ideas, recommended products and materials, sourced and gave advice about furniture and recommended a local craftsman to build our kitchen. The end result is one that our whole family is very pleased with - we love using it and it has integrated into the dining/living area seamlessly.  

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